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In year 2000, Samsung SDS America contracted a software license agreement with University of Utah and started developing a commercial product named uniAMS. This product has been integrated with Samsung SDS's proven technology and methodology. Now, uniAMS supports "Unified Asset Management" including pavement, sidewalks, and bridges for sustainable civil infrastructure system.

Samsung SDS Korea delivers packaged software, professional services, global marketing and solutions. The company is the leading systems integration and IT systems management company in Korea, employing 6,700 people worldwide, and generating $1.03 Billion (US) in revenues. Samsung SDS is ranked the fourth largest global IT service provider in the Asia-Pacific market by Gartner Dataquest research and the 38th largest Software/IT Services Company by Software Magazine in the 2001 survey of software companies around the world. Global alliances include HP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sybase.

In December 2003, Adhara Systems Inc, a software development and sales group, purchased the right to uniAMS suite from Samsung SDSA to modify and enhance the development of the uniAMS software by adding the utmost in leading technology. Adhara has maintained the original group of engineers that originally developed the software and is now combined with new professionals with premier, quality backgrounds in software development, hardware performance, marketing and customer support. These certified technicians and engineers are ready with version upgrades and technical support. The sales management team will provide "satisfaction guaranteed" customer service. The newly inputed computer hardware team is assuring enhanced hardware performance.

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