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Adhara Systems Inc. purchased business and rights of uniAMS product line from Samsung SDS America, a subsidiary company of Samsung SDS. Samsung SDS is the largest global IT solution provider in Korea with an annual revenues of U.S. $1 billion and an expanding network of 6,000 employees in branches around the world.
To meet our clients' business needs in the infrastructure asset management sector, we offer a wide range of services and products such as uniSurvey, uniAnalyze, uniPavement, uniSidewalk, uniBridge, uniSign, Data Collection Hardware, and specifically designed services for small to large clients.

- Established in 2003
- Exclusive Total  asset management solution for City, County, State, Government and private Road. - Web based solution, Interfaced GIS, GASB 34, High image process and H/W solution Provider

Pursuit of relentless excellence in the field of Infrastructure Asset management. Always generating new ideas to stay one step in front of customer demands.

- Improve Clients' Competitiveness by Providing Integrated IT Service
- Create New Public Work Business Opportunities through Information Technology

Main Office
- 2635 N. First St. Ste 252, San Jose, CA 95134


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