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uniANALYZE offers the following features

• Database and Digital-Map Base Report

Multiple digital images can be automatically processed to determine the amount of cracks for each pavement image. The processed crack data is then stored in an MS Access database, which can later be used for detailed analysis. The database can be embedded into an integrated GIS system that will allow the user to access and manipulate the data interactively through a digital map. Figure 1 shows the example of computer screen, which displays the analyzed result on a digital map.

Figure 1. Display of processed result on a digital map

• Detailed and summary reports

uniANALYZE automatically stores the analyzed results into a database. Two types of reports are generated as a result of pavement image analysis: 1) a detailed report and 2) a summary report.

The detailed report displays the image file path, the extent and severity of each distress, and the location of each individual pavement image. The summary report provides the total extent and severity for 100-meter sections of pavement. Figure 2 shows the screen shot of the summary report dialog box.

Figure 2. uniANALYZE 100-meter section summary report dialog box

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