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This module of uniAMS is used to record, maintain, and update complete inventory of bridges. uniBRIDGE meets NBI(National Bridge Inspection) standards.

uniBRIDGE helps the user to accurately evaluate the maintenance needs of bridges. The bridge data can be analyzed in an interactive GIS maps with graphic images.
The system is compatible with any bridge management system in the market. Existing data can be easily entered or loaded into uniBRIDGE software. You can also add new inventory items or reports conveniently, as needed.

This software was designed specifically to help cities, counties and states to maintain current information about their bridge inventory. These informations are necessary when applying for grants from the government agencies. uniBRIDGE is an essential analytical tool in spending the available budget based on business strategies of the customer. Graph analysis of future deterioration, total amount spent, expected maintenance types are some of the features available in the software.

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