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Data Collection Services

In June 1999, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) approved Statement No. 34 - Basic Financial Statements - and Management's Discussion and Analysis- for State and Local Governments. More commonly known as GASB 34, this standard requires government to report the value of and/or condition of their infrastructure assets.
Adhara Systems has the knowledge and tools regarding inventory, valuation, and asset condition management to assist government agencies in implementing GASB 34 standards. Adhara systems's   roadway data collection services feature state-of-the-art automated equipment as well as refined manual methods to provide our clients with the data the need to efficiently manage their roadway infrastructure and inventory.
  • Pavement
    We use a combination of automated and computer assisted survey methods to collect asset inventory and condition data across an agency's network. All asset data is synchronized with Distance Measurement Device (DMI) and Global Position System (GPS) information within sub-meter accuracy.

    • Inventory Data:
      Pavement type, number of lanes, curbs and/or gutters, inlets, crosswalks, waterways, manholes, etc.

    • Condition Data:
      Digital pavement images to record and evaluate pavement surface distresses, trenches, raveling, potholes, etc.

  • Signs
    Samsung SDS America provides services for maintaining a sign inventory and collecting distress condition data for each sign.

    • Inventory Data:
      Records data about each sign; its type, location, construction, and support systems. Sign types are recorded using MUTCD designations. Users are also able to create designations for custom signs.

    • Condition Assessment:
      Signs, supports, and obstruction conditions are assessed in terms of required action. For example Signs, are categorized as Okay, Okay-Note, Replace, Repair, Missing, Program, and Maintain.

  • Sidewalks
    Regular sidewalk inspections are one of the most important steps that government agencies and facility managers can take to protect themselves from lawsuits. Adhara Systems provides sidewalk inventory and distresses collection service with DGPS technology.

    • Inventory Data:
      Street type, sidewalk type, address, vicinity, pedestrian traffic, description key, width, and length.

    • Condition data:
      Lip height, repair length, repair methods, separation, heaving, sinking, shifting, settling, cracking, spalling, drainage, holes, patching, missing, and vegetation.

Database Update & Conversion Services

Adhara Systems offers services tailored specifically to facilitate the introduction of accurate roadway information into the database.

Installation Services

Installation Services are structured to ensure the efficient and successful installation of asset management software on a client's hardware network and/or peripheral devices.
  • System Parameter Review
  • Database Configuration
  • Software Installation
  • On-site Installation
  • Install License Key
  • Network Connectivity
  • Test System

Training Services

Adhara Systems offers a wide range of training opportunities to fit the specific educational needs of an organization.
  • Regional Training
  • End-user Training

GIS Map Services
  • Map creation
  • Map and data conversion
  • Map condition report
  • Map-book for data survey

Equipment Assembly Services

Adhara Systems provides wide range turnkey data collection equipment assembly services.

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